Private, Individual Readings


These private, individual readings are done in person, either at a mutually agreed upon location at the time of booking, or at 3506 N 147th St, #101, Omaha, NE 68116. You are more than welcome to bring someone with you, but please no more than 2 persons max. Cost for an individual reading is $40/20 minutes, dominant hand.



Group Readings/Parties


I'm going to start opening up Friday nights, Saturday afternoons, Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons for Parties! This is a fun group atmosphere for up to 9 people. Each person will get a 20 minute reading for $40. What a great way to learn about yourself, your friends and family! To book a party and reserve your spot, contact me by text, phone or through email.

Aura Photography Readings

Come experience Aura and Chakra Imaging with simultaneous results using the latest 3-D Technology at Mindful Treasures!  This unique system not only measures your aura health, but also chakra strength, emotional stability, and energy levels. There are two packages of reports: a 7 pages in length and a consultation with our Aura Specialist for $40 or a 14 page report for $60.  Aura Parties are the newest option that we are providing.  Similar to Palmistry Parties, I will bring the Aura system to you and your friends.

 402.819.9888 ~ 712.216.2160

Hours by appointment only.

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